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Upon his so much insisting it was the first time when we sat to  watch "Game of Thrones" together. It would have been an hour only when suddenly his phone rang.(call on a weekend)
That call said something post which we could not press the play button.

Call, What call? Official call on a weekend? 

Yes, you guessed it right , an official call!
The call said "Transfer in a Week".
This tag left me speechless.

He : Why are you speechless?
Me : Why was your phone near to you?
He : I am surprised too yaar, but we will we have to do this in a week now. And please relax its Sunday today, lets get to the groundwork first.
My man is very well equipped with "Groundwork skills"He made a very beautiful plan which gave us a visual clarity of everything. But was that all. No, it wasn't.
Every morning as per the plan I was assigned a list to be performed that had a certain deadline followed by touch base reporting in the evening. (This format is directly proportional to his …

Work is Worship

We always used to think about our talking topics. Initially, weenjoyed the lovey-dovey chit chats and gossips; but there was something about which I was clueless. “Technical and logical ones” were the clueless discoveries.  Now, that was the Surprising Turning fact about those talks. When his work wants him, that means we obviously have to ignore the weekend morning sleep, at  times skip movies and also neglect my favorite grocery shopping too. A plethora of Work codes, Client Names, and clauses are also now a part of my life. Beginning till today even in my deep sleep, his phone ringing makes him hear the same” What, work in demand”. After all he is he, because of his work only!!

Winters are here !!

Though all seasons are important and everyone's season choice is different.

"The Nature's calls" of Season's cycle is to be experienced by all of us.

My knowns almost await the Winter Season for its hot teas and coffees all day, hot sumptuous food  specially the Indian, and the beautiful winter Fashion wear.

But me contrary I think of a quilt dress, a heater fitted in me, bread toast and a cup of tea in bed !! Does all this exist? Yes, it does ! But only in my dreams..

Also to mention the 10 minutes alarm snooze; getting over in just 2 minutes.

As wife of an Engineer, 2 snoozes reminds me of my husband's work, meetings and his early conference calls.

Later being empathetic towards him, for the winter season reason, makes me sense his coziness too for home and everything.

All I wish for our "God Sun" is to shine brightly everyday !!