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The Blame Game

On one weekday morning, I had to catch up my friends. I thought to drop my husband at work and then carry on to meet my friends. Since I did n't wanted my husband to get late I quickly prepared food and got ready. Then was the obvious moment to click a selfie. But alas I could not find my phone. We started searching the phone but it was to be found nowhere. And then suddenly I remembered I had asked him to put my phone on charging.
Me: You had put my phone on charging. He: But sweetheart, I had given it to you and you kept in in your bag. Me:  No honey, I have searched, its not there. He:  Ok relax, lets search it everywhere. Meanwhile let me also call on your number. Me: I know it’s here only, but it’s on silent :(
Meanwhile I went to the kitchen, to have a glass a water and I realized that it was me only who had kept in on the top of the refrigerator. Since I did not wanted the blame on myself as Wife is always right I remained silent and pretended to be tensed.
Seeing me like this he go…

The Walk Not To Remember

One Sunday evening, we had our dinner early. So, I thought to go to the room and read a book while he was busy watching news. Later he came and asked:

He : I am going for a walk, are you coming ?
Me : Why Honey, do I look fat; have I gained weight ?
He : No Sweetheart, just felt like going out.
Me : Why is it like you are getting bored of me.
He : No, not at all, just feel like having some fresh air. Its ok, I will go alone
Me : Alone, ! Is someone else coming to give you company.
He : No, I think you must rest, I will be back soon.
Me : It seems you think, I am lazy
He : Oh no! Mommy, I am not going only!
Me : What, I am your mother :)

Finally, he did not go because I wanted to spend some quality time with him on a weekend.
After all, it was a Monday next day.

Memories Down The Lane

As per our regular weekend routine we were busy relaxing at the pool side. My husband pointed out to a group of children. In a matter of few seconds the nostalgic moment rolled us back into our childhood. We began discussing:
When :
Apple and Blackberry were just “Fruits”,
Chit Chat was just a “Text Message”,
Drink was “Complan”
Entertainment was “Antakshari”
Fight in Friendship was “Katti”
Ghost stories known as “Aahat”
Holidays to visit “Maternal House
Invitation meant “Ground pe aaja”
Jealousy was only for “Tazoos”
King-Sized was “Our Heart”
Laughter was because of “Comics”
Milk was accompanied by “Parle G”
Necessary thing was “Brand New Geometry Box
Oiling was “Parachute Oil”
Playing was “Pen Fight or Stapue”
Quench of Thirst was “Rasna and Roohafza”
Rains were only meant to “Float Boats”
Shoes Brand was known as “Action School Time”
Time Pass was “Akar Bakar Bambay Bo”
Unique were “Our Dreams”
Victory was “Lemon and Spoon Race”
Writing meant “Inked Fingers”
X Factor were “Summer Holidays”
Yummy Meant “H…

The Victim

My husband had to attend a reunion party on a weekend. Since he did not wanted to go alone he insisted me to accompany him. Honey, it’s your reunion what would I do there, I said. To which he replied “Its ok then, I will try to come back in couple of hours. Post that I played my favorite music playlist and began writing my blog. I got so engrossed that I did n’t realize what to have in dinner. I was not at all in a mood to cook . So I decided to bother my husband to get something for me on his way.
I called him at 10 pm but there was no response. May be because of music he could have not heard my phone call. No response situation continued for half an hour. I got worriedas to what to do now. Neither I had any contact number of his friends. Finally, the anxiety got over. The door bell rang. I was praying to see him on the door. I had a sigh of relief but he seemed more upset than me.
On seeing him, I bombarded him with a dozen of questions. He replied"Your husband was a victim at th…

Summer is Coming !

As Winter comes, so does Summer.
Yes, Yes I know. U know it.
And I am sure you know : You will be needing the following too :
1)An “egg cellent” air conditioner. (excellent) 2)A never melting Ice cream. 3)Unlimited Electricity and Internet. 4)May be a dozen of trips to hill stations. 5)Having twice a holiday for 6 months from your kitchen. This was all about what you would be needing in the summer. But am I also glued to ·All this ·Nothing of these or ·This all and definitely some other events too. I know you are thinking first: what am I up to this time in my blog; second: What is that something new and exceptional that I am looking forward to that too in Summers. Well, without testing your patience anymore; let me break you all my 5 events to which I have set my countdown on. I am sure after reading below you would say: “What, really that why she was waiting for Summer’? Below is the list : 1)Fast and Furious 8: This crime and thriller movie series has always been wining hearts of their fans. An…

Try Not To Laugh

1st April has always been exciting for me !
Not because April Fool falls on this day. As it’s my husband’s birthday this day which is supposed and meant to be a special day for us .
Lets read howI made my man’s day a memorable one.

Please note : Imagining, while reading is important; to have fun. :) 1)This tissue roll was his 1st surprise. 
2) As he was about to wash his hands, the soap did not form lather.

3) He went to take bath and his shampoo bottle had oil instead.

4) Picked his favorite shirt, which had a red lipstick mark.

5) At the breakfast table, his sanitizer was replaced with liquid soap.

Sindhi New Year

It gives me utter happiness to share and wish you all a very happy "Chet i chand ,our Sindhi New Year". It is a very common saying that“Jeko Chavando Jhulelal,Tanhija Thenda Bera Paar means "Whoever will say Jhule Lal, his/her ship will reach the shores (safely).

We call it Cheti Chand because as per Hindu Calendar, it falls on the second day of Chaitra month (a day after Gudhi Padwa).

Sindhis celebrate this day with great pomp and show. People celebrate it by dancing in Sindhi Temples and Street Procession. Kids also showcase their talent by performing dance on special Sindhi Songs known as ladas. Famous ladas to name a few are :

Mast Kalandar Ek Son Jo RupayoHojamaloMuhinja More LaadaAiner wade shaan saan Sindhis are very well known for their food globally :

1) SaiBhaji Pulao : Made from Spinach and Chana Pulse(Gram) and Pulao made form Rice.

2) Daal Pakwaan : Daal is made from Chana Pulse (Gram) and Pakwaan is made from Maida ( All Purpose Flour).

3) Doda Chatney : Doda …

Common Fact Sheet Of Life

We human beings differ in all ways with each other. But a common man, still shares some things in common.
Let's read, what the common people have to express : 

All this was just to make you smile. 😊
Which fact do you agree with? Do share your view on this. 😊

Bura Na Mano"Holi Hai"

Holi for kids, specially has always witnessed excitement . We all have been growing up by hearing “Holi is a festival of colors”. Other than Holi -Day people were waiting for the “Monday holiday. As per my observation, below is the classification  :
 a)Catch Me if You Can :

The only way to hide and lock yourself in the house “Are these colors organic?”, “My Skin is sensitive”,”Bro I am out of town”. I feel we as if we are playing chor and police or Hide and Seek.
b) The Board Exams Unit :
Eagerly waiting but supposed to ignore.

c) The Desi Gang :

These friends were found glued to Bhaang /BhaangPakoras and dancing to the groovy Bollywood numbers

d) The Sophisticated Cluster :

Happy Women's Day


The Food Saga

It was a beautiful Saturday morning. We were about to have our tea; when my husband said, its been long lets plan a candle light dinner tonight.
"Yes sure",(Happily) I answered. But where ? Our home Baby; somehow, I don’t feel like going out today. He replied,
Cool ! Help me with a good menu, I insisted.
I thought if  he planned for dinner then the food should also be of his choice. After all I was ready to make whatever he wished. ;)

Now, enjoy the conversation below between Wife of an Engineer and His Engineer. :)

I think "What to make should be declared as the world ‘s biggest problem".

Monday Morning Blues

Step1 : To relate, reconnect with the last blog :
Step 2 : Enjoy today's blog !! :)

Me: Sweetheart u remember our last weekend? He: Yes honey, I know my work ruined it all. Me: Oh! it’s alright, things weren’t in your control; but we had an awesome one this time. He:  We could link it as 2 sides of a coin. After having fun and good time with friends, “MONDAY MORNING BLUES” was on my mind. It was Sunday night, I was thinking why “The first 5 days after the weekend are always the hardest. Whether it’s a student, an employee, a mother or a wife; keeps wondering “Why is Monday so far from Friday, and Friday so near to Monday? I doubt if someone really has an answer to it. It’s been ages we have been facing this, “Monday” scenario; yet we feel what if one day we hear a breaking news, “Monday has been cancelled and we could go back to sleep. From going to school early morning to office meetings and to preparing breakfast or…

Thank God It's Friday

Who doesn’t wait for a Friday. Like everyone I too wait. No morning alarm, snoozes and no husband’s office. I eagerly wait because it brings reasons of happiness to spend more time with him shopping, enjoying lip smacking food or coffee at our favorite joints. But nothing of wish and choice happened the following week. Why? You must be thinking again a phone call? No, no! It was a sudden unexpected work delivery. Yaar(politely), how long will this take? I asked. He was tensed because his wife was imagining her weekend getting spoiled. Darling(hesitatingly) an hour or may be an entire day, he replied. This weekend was an important one for us as we with our friends were throwing a surprise party for a common friend and I especially was excited for it. Seeing me a bit upset, he cheered me up, don’t worry dear me and my team are trying to wrap up the work as soon as possible. Meanwhile I thought  why not to carry on with the party preparations. Later seeing his work in full swing, I decided to ta…

The Play Button

We began to settle in the new city. New place, people and environment is what we were getting used to.

Finally, the moment came when we got our Wi-Fi connection at home. Post all the initial settings we quickly sat to press the “Play Button”.

And again, we could not . 

But why we could not, you must be thinking? Like the last time, his phone rang again.  Phone call, again?
Yes, but this one was:
Me: What happened now?
He: Couple of friends coming to see us.
Me: Right now?
He: I am going to pick them up from the airport; till then honey, please prepare some snacks for them. And don’t worry it seems they would not stay for long.
Me: It’s alright sweetheart!

But it was not alright as somewhere deep in my heart, I was guessing a long stay.
On receiving the friends; I noticed them with 2 huge suitcases, which confirmed their stay for a dozen of days.

While talking to the friends also, Game of Thrones was still on my mind. Initially, I thought of asking my husband if he could convince the friends to…