The Victim

My husband had to attend a reunion party on a weekend. Since he did not wanted to go alone he insisted me to accompany him. Honey, it’s your reunion what would I do there, I said.
To which he replied “Its ok then, I will try to come back in couple of hours.
Post that I played my favorite music playlist and began writing my blog. I got so engrossed that I did n’t realize what to have in dinner. I was not at all in a mood to cook . So I decided to bother my husband to get something for me on his way.

I called him at 10 pm but there was no response. May be because of music he could have not heard my phone call. No response situation continued for half an hour. I got worried as to what to do now. Neither I had any contact number of his friends. Finally, the anxiety got over. The door bell rang. I was praying to see him on the door. I had a sigh of relief but he seemed more upset than me.

On seeing him, I bombarded him with a dozen of questions. He replied"Your husband was a victim at the party today".
I was clueless"why is he referring himself as the victim".
So here its goes and he began!
The rule of the party was that everyone’s cellphone would be kept in a basket and who so ever’s wife called first will have to pay the bill. I said”So, whose wife called first and who had to pay the bill then”?
He said “You, my wife”
Me: Oh no!  
He: Oh Yes !
I was the victim of today ‘s party and I had to pay everyone’s bill. If you would have accompanied me this would have not happened. Anyways why were you calling?
I wanted to have my favourite pizza.
Later he took me to Dominoz and fortunately we were the last customers to give our last order.


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