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The Blame Game

On one weekday morning, I had to catch up my friends. I thought to drop my husband at work and then carry on to meet my friends. Since I did n't wanted my husband to get late I quickly prepared food and got ready. Then was the obvious moment to click a selfie. But alas I could not find my phone. We started searching the phone but it was to be found nowhere. And then suddenly I remembered I had asked him to put my phone on charging.
Me: You had put my phone on charging. He: But sweetheart, I had given it to you and you kept in in your bag. Me:  No honey, I have searched, its not there. He:  Ok relax, lets search it everywhere. Meanwhile let me also call on your number. Me: I know it’s here only, but it’s on silent :(
Meanwhile I went to the kitchen, to have a glass a water and I realized that it was me only who had kept in on the top of the refrigerator. Since I did not wanted the blame on myself as Wife is always right I remained silent and pretended to be tensed.
Seeing me like this he go…