The Blame Game

On one weekday morning, I had to catch up my friends. I thought to drop my husband at work and then carry on to meet my friends. Since I did n't wanted my husband to get late I quickly prepared food and got ready.
Then was the obvious moment to click a selfie. But alas I could not find my phone.
We started searching the phone but it was to be found nowhere.
And then suddenly I remembered I had asked him to put my phone on charging.

Me: You had put my phone on charging.
He: But sweetheart, I had given it to you and you kept in in your bag.
Me:  No honey, I have searched, its not there.
He:  Ok relax, lets search it everywhere. Meanwhile let me also call on your number.
Me: I know it’s here only, but it’s on silent :(

Meanwhile I went to the kitchen, to have a glass a water and I realized that it was me only who had kept in on the top of the refrigerator. Since I did not wanted the blame on myself as Wife is always right I remained silent and pretended to be tensed.

Seeing me like this he got a bit concerned and hugged me and said don't worry we will find it. Without his notice, I quietly put the phone in his shirt's pocket. And after few seconds he noticed the phone in his pocket. To which surprisingly he reacted "What, how is it in my pocket"?

Oh Honey! Thank you so much you found out my phone.
He only kept thinking, how did this happen and she did not even blame me.

And the blame game ended!


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