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Try Not To Laugh

1st April has always been exciting for me !
Not because April Fool falls on this day. As it’s my husband’s birthday this day which is supposed and meant to be a special day for us .
Lets read howI made my man’s day a memorable one.

Please note : Imagining, while reading is important; to have fun. :) 1)This tissue roll was his 1st surprise. 
2) As he was about to wash his hands, the soap did not form lather.

3) He went to take bath and his shampoo bottle had oil instead.

4) Picked his favorite shirt, which had a red lipstick mark.

5) At the breakfast table, his sanitizer was replaced with liquid soap.

Sindhi New Year

It gives me utter happiness to share and wish you all a very happy "Chet i chand ,our Sindhi New Year". It is a very common saying that“Jeko Chavando Jhulelal,Tanhija Thenda Bera Paar means "Whoever will say Jhule Lal, his/her ship will reach the shores (safely).

We call it Cheti Chand because as per Hindu Calendar, it falls on the second day of Chaitra month (a day after Gudhi Padwa).

Sindhis celebrate this day with great pomp and show. People celebrate it by dancing in Sindhi Temples and Street Procession. Kids also showcase their talent by performing dance on special Sindhi Songs known as ladas. Famous ladas to name a few are :

Mast Kalandar Ek Son Jo RupayoHojamaloMuhinja More LaadaAiner wade shaan saan Sindhis are very well known for their food globally :

1) SaiBhaji Pulao : Made from Spinach and Chana Pulse(Gram) and Pulao made form Rice.

2) Daal Pakwaan : Daal is made from Chana Pulse (Gram) and Pakwaan is made from Maida ( All Purpose Flour).

3) Doda Chatney : Doda …

Common Fact Sheet Of Life

We human beings differ in all ways with each other. But a common man, still shares some things in common.
Let's read, what the common people have to express : 

All this was just to make you smile. 😊
Which fact do you agree with? Do share your view on this. 😊

Bura Na Mano"Holi Hai"

Holi for kids, specially has always witnessed excitement . We all have been growing up by hearing “Holi is a festival of colors”. Other than Holi -Day people were waiting for the “Monday holiday. As per my observation, below is the classification  :
 a)Catch Me if You Can :

The only way to hide and lock yourself in the house “Are these colors organic?”, “My Skin is sensitive”,”Bro I am out of town”. I feel we as if we are playing chor and police or Hide and Seek.
b) The Board Exams Unit :
Eagerly waiting but supposed to ignore.

c) The Desi Gang :

These friends were found glued to Bhaang /BhaangPakoras and dancing to the groovy Bollywood numbers

d) The Sophisticated Cluster :

Happy Women's Day