Sindhi New Year

It gives me utter happiness to share and wish you all a very happy "Chet i chand ,our Sindhi New Year". It is a very common saying that“Jeko Chavando Jhulelal,Tanhija Thenda Bera Paar means "Whoever will say Jhule Lal, his/her ship will reach the shores (safely).

We call it Cheti Chand because as per Hindu Calendar, it falls on the second day of Chaitra month (a day after Gudhi Padwa).

Sindhis celebrate this day with great pomp and show. People celebrate it by dancing in Sindhi Temples and Street Procession. Kids also showcase their talent by performing dance on special Sindhi Songs known as ladas. Famous ladas to name a few are :

  • Mast Kalandar
  • Ek Son Jo Rupayo
  • Hojamalo
  • Muhinja More Laada
  • Ainer wade shaan saan
Sindhis are very well known for their food globally :

1) SaiBhaji Pulao : Made from Spinach and Chana Pulse(Gram) and Pulao made form Rice.

2) Daal Pakwaan : Daal is made from Chana Pulse (Gram) and Pakwaan is made from Maida ( All Purpose Flour).

3) Doda Chatney : Doda is made from Rice or Maize Flour and Chatney is made from Coriander and Mint Leaves.

4 ) Malpoora : made from Flour, Milk and Sugar.

5) Sindhi Kadi : made from Besan (Chick Pea Flour).

May God Jhulelal bless you and your family ! :) 

Jai Jhulelal


  1. This is really neat! I'm glad I learned something :)

  2. Very cool! The SaiBhaji Pulao looks delicious! It looks like something I've had before but I'm not sure of the name. Thanks for your post!

    1. Thank You so much for your valuable comment..These pictures are all cooked by me :)


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