Memories Down The Lane

As per our regular weekend routine we were busy relaxing at the pool side. My husband pointed out to a group of children. In a matter of few seconds the nostalgic moment rolled us back into our childhood.
We began discussing:
When :
Apple and Blackberry were just “Fruits”,
Chit Chat was just a “Text Message”,
Drink was “Complan”
Entertainment was “Antakshari”
Fight in Friendship was “Katti”
Ghost stories known as “Aahat”
Holidays to visit “Maternal House
Invitation meant “Ground pe aaja”
Jealousy was only for “Tazoos”
King-Sized was “Our Heart”
Laughter was because of “Comics”
Milk was accompanied by “Parle G”
Necessary thing was “Brand New Geometry Box
Oiling was “Parachute Oil”
Playing was “Pen Fight or Stapue”
Quench of Thirst was “Rasna and Roohafza”
Rains were only meant to “Float Boats”
Shoes Brand was known as “Action School Time”
Time Pass was “Akar Bakar Bambay Bo”
Unique were “Our Dreams”
Victory was “Lemon and Spoon Race”
Writing meant “Inked Fingers”
X Factor were “Summer Holidays”
Yummy Meant “Home Made Food”
Zero meant “Who created Maths”

When we were kids, we wanted to grow.
Now, when we have grown ,we again want to be kids ..


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