Summer is Coming !

As Winter comes, so does Summer.
Yes, Yes I know. U know it.
And I am sure you know : You will be needing the following too :
1)    An “egg cellent” air conditioner. (excellent)
2)    A never melting Ice cream.
3)    Unlimited Electricity and Internet.
4)    May be a dozen of trips to hill stations.
5)    Having twice a holiday for 6 months from your kitchen.
This was all about what you would be needing in the summer. But am I also glued to
·         All this
·         Nothing of these or
·         This all and definitely some other events too.
I know you are thinking first: what am I up to this time in my blog; second: What is that something new and exceptional that I am looking forward to that too in Summers.
Well, without testing your patience anymore; let me break you all my 5 events to which I have set my countdown on.
I am sure after reading below you would say: “What, really that why she was waiting for Summer’?
Below is the list :
1)    Fast and Furious 8: This crime and thriller movie series has always been wining hearts of their fans. And yet again this series is all set to hit the theatres with its 8th series on 14th April. Vin Diesel for me is the so obvious reason to watch this one too. Making me a fan of this series leads to the credit for my husband.
2)    Bahubali 2: The entire movie was a fabulous one. But most importantly the last part of this epic Indian movie had already left everyone with a long-lasting impact and also a question “Why did Kattapa kill bahubali”. The wait is now about to end on 27th April. Finally, the world would now know the suspense and that will eventually put a full stop to all my guesses too.
3)    Despicable Me 3: The cute 3D Animated movie has always made us say “awww”. The Sequel is coming to entertain us with all its characters on June 30th.The movie has always been famous in all age groups. For me the minions, irrespective of their language gibberish makes me go all over curious to watch it again.
4)    Spider Man Homecoming: After a great entry of Spider man in the movie “Civil War”, Spider man is now all set to web us in his movie on 7 th July. The special appearance of "Robert Downey Jr.” aka “The Iron Man” is an icing on the cake. Once again, the fusion of these 2 super heroes surely calls to the wait for the movie.
5)    Game Of Thrones :
The series which demands no introduction. I belief and highly recommend If you have been blessed with a life “Please do watch it “. The upcoming series is certainly yet again ready to set to be on fire for their die heart fans. The 7th  series is scheduled to premiere on July 16, 2017 on HBO. Now why am I waiting for it: Because it has a short story behind it. Please visit:  to find out more.

Hope you too have a wonderful Summer with all these reasons! 😊


  1. Very nice ,will make a list tooπŸ€—

  2. lol !! sure then do share it with me ;)..luv !!

  3. I cannot wait for summer. My favorite time as a child and even more now as a parent. We started our list a month ago.


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