The Walk Not To Remember

One Sunday evening, we had our dinner early. So, I thought to go to the room and read a book while he was busy watching news. Later he came and asked:

He : I am going for a walk, are you coming ?
Me : Why Honey, do I look fat; have I gained weight ?
He : No Sweetheart, just felt like going out.
Me : Why is it like you are getting bored of me.
He : No, not at all, just feel like having some fresh air. Its ok, I will go alone
Me : Alone, ! Is someone else coming to give you company.
He : No, I think you must rest, I will be back soon.
Me : It seems you think, I am lazy
He : Oh no!  Mommy, I am not going only
Me : What, I am your mother :)

Finally, he did not go because I wanted to spend some quality time with him on a weekend.
After all, it was a Monday next day.


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    1. Wao..this is so amazing Alicia ..Thanks a ton ! This is my 1st award..Here is the link on my FB


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